Punches Thrown At Packers Training Camp Fight

There's no NFL tradition more dependable than the practice fight in the week before preseason play begins. The Packers did their part this morning with not one, not two, but three separate scuffles on the same drill—the last and biggest culminating with Jermichael Finley exchanging right crosses with Jarvis Reed. » 8/07/13 12:57pm 8/07/13 12:57pm

Steve Smith Punched a Teammate; Training Camp Has Officially Begun

The fists of Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith rudely introduced themselves to teammate Ken Lucas's face » 8/02/08 10:00am 8/02/08 10:00am yesterday, and both guys were kicked out of practice. Lucas, though, had to be treated for injuries on the field before he was taken to the locker room. I'm sure that did wonders for his manhood and…