Lego Movie is a great spoof of summer movies. And a great summer movie.

Galaxy Quest is a brilliant spoof of Star Trek. It's also one of the two or three best Star Trek movies. That's how I feel about The Lego Movie, which is both a perfect satire of noisy toy-driven summer action movies, and also an absolutely perfect summer movie in its own right. A few months early. » 2/07/14 1:06pm 2/07/14 1:06pm

Shia LaBeouf Wants You To Take Him Seriously

Being successful sure is nice, but what everybody really wants is to be taken seriously. Whether it's Woody Allen following up Annie Hall with the dour Interiors, George Michael turning away from the pop stardom of Faith for the confessional Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, or Robin Williams deciding that making people … » 8/24/12 5:37pm 8/24/12 5:37pm

Why Twitter Is More Fun The Less You Use It

I started my Twitter account while sitting in the Twitter offices in San Francisco, interviewing Twitter head honchos Evan Williams and Biz Stone for this big feature story. I didn't know what Twitter was, though people thought I did. » 6/23/09 12:30pm 6/23/09 12:30pm