Brazil Wants To Blow You Out Of The Sky If You Fly Over The World Cup

In anticipation of the World Cup soccer tournament this summer, Brazil has announced that it will enforce no-fly zones within a 4 nautical mile radius of the twelve Cup stadiums. As the law currently stands, unresponsive planes cannot be shot down over populated areas, but the Brazilian Air Force is hoping to change… » 3/26/14 5:41pm 3/26/14 5:41pm

16 Hours in the Cactus League: A Guide to Arizona Between Baseball Games

In 1946, Bill Veeck, baseball's maverick owner, had a bold idea that changed the national pastime forever. Disgusted with the racial segregation of the game in the South, Veeck, then owner of the Cleveland Indians, proposed relocating his team's spring home from Ocala, Florida, to Tucson, Arizona. When he convinced… » 3/07/14 12:21pm 3/07/14 12:21pm

Squaw Valley and the 1960 Winter Olympics in Paintings

As the Winter Games in Sochi wind to a close this week, it got us thinking about one of the great American Olympic host cities, Squaw Valley. For the January 1961 issue, Playboy sent the artist LeRoy Neiman, to the California ski resort to capture the place's essence with his beautiful paintings. Enjoy the collection… » 2/20/14 3:38pm 2/20/14 3:38pm

Five Things Bing Does Better Than Google

We can't even pretend we're not enamored with Google here at Lifehacker, but there is life on the other side. While the quality of search results is largely subjective (contrary to what the Bing Challenge would have you believe), there are some things that are definitely better in Microsoft's garden. » 12/16/13 1:00pm 12/16/13 1:00pm

Meet Joe Paterno. He Lives In Paterno, Italy.

PATERNÒ, Italy—Heading west from the Sicilian port city of Catania, I see two things—the volcano that has destroyed Catania seven times since the age of the Greeks and, a little farther down the road, an exit sign for a city whose name would remind any American of calamity: Paternò. » 8/20/12 10:55am 8/20/12 10:55am