Pirates Outfielder Travis Snider Just Made "One Of The Best Catches You'll Ever See"

In a meaningless game between Pittsburgh and the Mets on a day during which the attention has focused more on Keith Hernandez's facial hair than actual baseball, Pirates outfielder Travis Snider made a bid for defensive play of the year in robbing Mike Baxter of a towering homer at Citi Field. »9/27/12 1:56pm9/27/12 1:56pm

MLB Won't Let Us Show You Travis Snider Breaking His Bat Over His Knee, So Here's A Fucking Drawing I Did Instead

Travis Snider struck out with the bases loaded in the sixth against the Yankees yesterday and Bo Jacksoned his bat in two. It was pretty cool, especially considering that Snider went on to win the game with a two-out double in the 10th. As you know, we can't show you the video, lest we step on MLB's god-given right to… »4/20/11 5:55pm4/20/11 5:55pm