Trevor Bauer Imitates Three Teammates' Batting Stances In One At-Bat

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer had some fun last night with his rare opportunity to make some plate appearances, and made the most of his third trip to the plate in Pittsburgh by mimicking three of his teammates’ batting stances: Mike Aviles, Jason Kipnis, and Ryan Raburn. How well did he do? We placed them side-by-side… »7/04/15 10:01am7/04/15 10:01am

Is Trevor Bauer's Terrible New Rap Song A Diss Track Directed At Miguel Montero?

Trevor Bauer is one of the most highly touted pitching prospects in baseball. He is also a terrible, terrible rapper and possibly kind of a dick. When he was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Cleveland Indians in the offseason, his former teammate and catcher Miguel Montero made some pointed comments about… »2/14/13 10:35am2/14/13 10:35am

ESPN's Keith Law Is A Fan Of Bad Spring Training Twitpics, Unless It Involves One Of His Bad Spring Training Twitpics

We told you two weeks ago about the hilarity that is Bad Spring Training Twitpics, the site that's collecting all the bad art being snapped by the cameraphones of the many baseball writers now roaming around spring training. That same day, Keith Law let his many Twitter followers know he was also a fan of the site's… »3/06/12 4:20pm3/06/12 4:20pm