Trey Burke Goes Down With Incredibly Strange Non-Contact Neck Injury

Down one and bringing the ball up the court against the Trail Blazers with 30 seconds left, Jazz point guard Trey Burke ... had a neck spasm? Pinched nerve? Got shot by a sniper? Was stung by a bee? Punched by an invisible leprechaun? Whatever happened, it sent Burke down to his knees in an incredible amount of pain. »3/25/15 11:34pm3/25/15 11:34pm


Trey Burke May Have Hit The Equalizer, But It Was Mitch McGary Who Played The Game Of His Life

Florida Gulf Coast stopped scoring at the wrong time, while Louisville and Duke won by maintaining solid, boring leads, so the chatter last night naturally turned to Trey Burke's remarkable game-tying shot against Kansas. Michigan clawed back from a 14 point deficit in seven minutes, Burke scored all of his 23 points… »3/30/13 9:35am3/30/13 9:35am