Trey Wingo Wants To Remind Everyone Of ESPN's Plebian Roots

NFL Live's silver-haired lead dog Trey Wingo is one of the more likable chaps over at ESPN and straddles the line between Disney drone and regular guy better than most other WWL employees. Wingo took some time away from cuddling with Mark Schlereth to speak to Dan Levy's OnTheDL podcast and gave an interesting… »6/18/08 6:00pm6/18/08 6:00pm

Boston Herald Gets Wingo'd Into Apology, Readers Revolt

During yesterday's Spygate meet-and-greet with the press, Roger Goodell and Matt Walsh revealed everything and nothing as to how this whole misguided mess actually transpired. What we do know? According to Goodell, Patriots coach Bill Belichick continues to be full of shit about his misreading of the rules excuse, the… »5/14/08 11:40am5/14/08 11:40am