Is Tristan Thompson's Threat To Take The Qualifying Offer A Bluff?

Six weeks ago, it seemed to be a foregone conclusion that restricted free agent Tristan Thompson would re-sign a big free agent deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He had just come off a good NBA Finals performance, and on the first day of free agency Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst reported that Thompson and the… »8/10/15 10:05pm8/10/15 10:05pm

Pacers Rookie Ben Hansbrough's Older Brother Tyler Totally Embarrasses Him In Front Of His Friends

There are two ways to look at this incident, which took place during the Pacers-Cavs game last night, in which Tristan Thompson (probably inadvertently) elbowed Pacers rookie Ben Hansbrough, and Pacers psychopath Tyler Hansbrough intervened and admonished Thompson with gusto. »12/13/12 12:45pm12/13/12 12:45pm