Former Viking Would Very Much Like To Hit Brad Childress In The Head

Current Jaguars wideout Troy Williamson spent his first three seasons in the NFL angering Minnesota fans with his mediocre play and current Vikings coach Brad Childress spent his first two years angering Minnesota fans by putting him into games. Of course, all of this happened during the downtime when they weren't… »11/20/08 3:00pm11/20/08 3:00pm


Mourning Your Grandmother Is Fineable Offense For Vikings

When we first heard that Minnesota Vikings wide receiver was being docked a game's pay for missing a game for his grandmother's funeral, we figured there had to be a catch. He had a history of skipping practice. He was generally an attitude problem. His grandmother was a Fascist. Something. But nope: They just flat … »11/09/07 11:10am11/09/07 11:10am