John Wall Also Knew The Cavs Were Going To Win The Lottery. HMM.

TrueHoop's Henry Abbott asks that we take a second look at this throwaway line from Harvey Araton's piece on Kyrie Irving in the New York Times today: "Tuesday night, John Wall — last year's first pick by Washington — whispered 'Cleveland' in [Irving's] ear before the cameras turned on." Hmm. HMM. [TrueHoop, New York… » 5/19/11 6:10pm 5/19/11 6:10pm

Will Cuban Ban The Almighty ESPN?

The Dallas Mavericks have a huge game tonight with the Los Angeles Lakers, and, whether Mark Cuban lets any bloggers in or not, we'll certainly be reading all about it on about 1,000 blogs. (OK, maybe 100.) Throwing down his gauntlet, Henry Abbott from ESPN's True Hoop is making the trip. He seems to know that he's not … » 3/18/08 10:50am 3/18/08 10:50am