Turner Buys Bleacher Report For $175 Million

Well, that's that: Turner has finalized on its purchase Bleacher Report. The sale is for about $175 million, less than the $200 million+ that was projected a month ago. » 8/06/12 1:11pm 8/06/12 1:11pm

Congratulations To Bleacher Report On Its $200 Million Acquisition:…

In honor of Turner's nearly finalized $200 million purchase of Bleacher Report, here's a congratulatory slideshow, featuring a bunch of pictures of burning money. Please click through. » 6/21/12 2:50pm 6/21/12 2:50pm

Quit Wasting Money On Rims

Turner Sports launched CharlesBarkley.com today. It's mildly entertaining as a whole, but it's much funnier to narrow it down to the Round Mound's best single lines. Today in Barkley wisdom: stop buying rims. » 2/02/11 4:45pm 2/02/11 4:45pm