I Cannot Stop Looking At This Turtle Getting Thrown Off A Boat

Would you look at this fucking picture for just one minute? Look at that turtle! I seriously cannot stop looking at it. But I must, because: look at those fucking humans. Lars from Metallica, the villain from Police Academy: Whatever, some other guy and former Florida governor Charlie Crist bizarro Steve Martin only… »7/28/13 6:53pm7/28/13 6:53pm


This Guy Died In 2012: Lonesome George, The Last Of His Kind

What's your greatest fear? There's a very good chance you said "dying alone," because that's pretty much the worst way to end a life. No legacy, no testament to the things you've accomplished, no hope that anything you've done will outlive you. Very few of us die as alone as Lonesome George, who passed away this… »12/31/12 4:35pm12/31/12 4:35pm