I Cannot Stop Looking At This Turtle Getting Thrown Off A Boat

Would you look at this fucking picture for just one minute? Look at that turtle! I seriously cannot stop looking at it. But I must, because: look at those fucking humans. Lars from Metallica, the villain from Police Academy: Whatever, some other guy and former Florida governor Charlie Crist bizarro Steve Martin only… » 7/28/13 6:53pm 7/28/13 6:53pm

Golf Marshal Callously Plops Turtle Into Pond

A golf marshal had the fun task of removing a turtle from the course and putting it into a pond at the Players Championship on Friday. Maybe the marshal didn't appreciate the way the turtle tried to bite him as he (she?) was being escorted, but he ended up dropping that turtle into the water with no regard for… » 5/11/13 12:15pm 5/11/13 12:15pm

Ohio State Forced To Clarify That Woody Hayes Never Let A Turtle Bite…

Urban Meyer was a featured speaker at this weekend's Ohio High School Coaches' Convention. It might never have been noticed, except for one story that grabbed the interest of CoachingSearch.com: » 2/12/13 6:15pm 2/12/13 6:15pm

This Guy Died In 2012: Lonesome George, The Last Of His Kind

What's your greatest fear? There's a very good chance you said "dying alone," because that's pretty much the worst way to end a life. No legacy, no testament to the things you've accomplished, no hope that anything you've done will outlive you. Very few of us die as alone as Lonesome George, who passed away this… » 12/31/12 4:35pm 12/31/12 4:35pm