The 26 Weirdest Adult Swim Shows Ever

Adult Swim, the Cartoon Network adult-programming block that has delighted and confused stoners and insomniacs for nearly 15 years, has built a hugely viable brand by producing lots of really weird shit. They love to test the limits of what can be aired on cable TV, from animation to live-action surrealism, from… »11/19/15 12:43pm11/19/15 12:43pm


Fargo Is The Best Show On TV Because It's The Coolest, Weirdest Place On TV

The second season of FX’s anthology series Fargo is such a self-evidently excellent show—it’s the best thing on TV right now, for my money—that it’s hard to describe just how good it is. Watching a new episode unfold is a bit like watching the San Antonio Spurs run yet another flawless offensive set. Everything is so… »11/11/15 12:41pm11/11/15 12:41pm

American Horror Story: Hotel Will Make You Wanna Vom!

Welp, that was gross! If last night’s premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel told us anything about the season to come, it’s that the five-season-old FX show is now even less for the queasy than usual. Guts and gore have always been a common feature, and Lady Gaga, who looms over this new installment as a… »10/08/15 3:14pm10/08/15 3:14pm

Debbie Does Drywall: Why Home-Renovation Porn Is My Favorite Porn

Have you ever harbored sexual feelings toward a granite countertop, or imagined that a dual-vanity sink was actually former Prince ingénue Vanity? If so, you’re likely already an avid fan of HGTV (Home & Garden Television, although gardens are scarce), a cable channel that makes the rigorous renovation of dumpy houses… »9/30/15 4:47pm9/30/15 4:47pm

Here's Trevor Noah's First Daily Show Monologue, Which Totally Didn't Suck

You only watch a late-night talk show in full, on actual television, at the appointed hour, twice: the host’s first episode, and his last. So say hello to Trevor Noah, your new Daily Show host, who awkwardly plows right through his inaugural applause and Just Gets On With It. He was okay! This is going to be okay.… »9/28/15 11:56pm9/28/15 11:56pm

Empire Is Back, And More Ridiculous Than Ever

The second season of Empire opens with a #FreeLucious concert staged as a show of support for incarcerated Empire Records CEO Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard). Bill Clinton is said to be in the crowd (“if he wants his wife to get elected”), Swizz Beatz is onstage, and Al Sharpton is backstage, along with André Leon… »9/24/15 2:05pm9/24/15 2:05pm

Tracy Morgan's Emmys Speech Dusted Off One Of His Best, Bawdiest Jokes 

At the 2014 Emmys, Jimmy Kimmel promised us that Tracy Morgan would be back onstage next year, and last night, Morgan made good on that promise, presenting the final Emmy of the night. Of course, his touching speech focused on the June 2014 car accident that put him in an eight-day coma, and the 15 months of recovery… »9/21/15 10:17am9/21/15 10:17am

South Park Accurately Sums Up Ballghazi In A Cartman Dream Sequence

As you knew it would, South Park took on Ballghazi in tonight’s 19th season premiere. Cartman sums up the eight months spent investigating, millions of dollars, and god knows how many hours talking about whether Tom Brady ordered a small amount of air be removed from footballs in an appropriately sophomoric dream… »9/16/15 11:18pm9/16/15 11:18pm

Here's Will Ferrell's At-Bat In Ferrell Takes The Field, Which Was A Drag Otherwise

Spoiler Alert: They don’t really let Will Ferrell pitch in Ferrell Takes the Field, his stunt HBO doc where he plays every position (plus designated hitter) for 10 different MLB teams during one day of 2015 spring training action in Arizona. No, in his 90-second stint with the Dodgers, he throws one quote-unquote… »9/14/15 10:30am9/14/15 10:30am

And Now, Our Favorite Key & Peele Sketches

For nearly four years, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have been among the best at dishing out incisive racial comedy to a generation that sorely needed it. Whether making lighthearted jabs at pop-culture trends or tackling serious political issues, their sketches were at their best when they were at their… »9/09/15 5:15pm9/09/15 5:15pm

Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer Prequel Will Thrill Fans, At Least

Even in this brave new world of micro-niches and fan service as a legitimate business model, the very existence of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp is unexpected, somewhat unnecessary, and more than a little odd. But these are exactly the circumstances in which creators David Wain and Michael Showalter best… »7/31/15 2:56pm7/31/15 2:56pm

Ballers Shows Us How Boring (And Lethal) The NFL Really Is

That the season premiere of Ballers, HBO’s new semi-comedy about life in and around the NFL planetary system, turns out so predictably says something about how joyless those involved with professional football truly believe it to be. The show has the bones of a slogging 60-minute drama cut down to 30, which puts a… »6/22/15 3:59pm6/22/15 3:59pm

Supercut: Daredevil's Gumshoe-Journalist Subplot Is Butt

Netflix’s Daredevil is mostly bad. Sure, there are some good fight scenes, but the corny story arcs and bad acting that burden the first season makes it a better fit on the CW or ABC Family. And nothing in the first season is more cringe-worthy than the storyline concerning a grizzled old newspaper reporter named Ben… »5/28/15 2:44pm5/28/15 2:44pm