Despite being available in less than half as many homes as ESPN, Univision Deportes Network destroye

Despite being available in less than half as many homes as ESPN, Univision Deportes Network destroyed the Worldwide Leader and every other sports net last night, drawing 1.6 million viewers for its simulcast of the Mexico-Panama Gold Cup match. That’s more than twice as many people as were watching the Orioles-Yankees… »7/23/15 7:22pm7/23/15 7:22pm


ESPN And TNT Think NBA Broadcasts Are Worth A Lot More Than The NFL's

Adam Silver proudly announced the NBA's new TV deal with ESPN and TNT this morning, one that nearly triples how much its cable partners will pay the league to broadcast its regular season and playoff games. That amount—$2.7 billion a year—is especially insane when compared to what NBC, Fox, and CBS are paying for a… »10/06/14 4:00pm10/06/14 4:00pm

August Sucks—The NBA Or NHL Playoffs Should Move There

In non-Olympic years, there's no wider chasm of utter sports emptiness than late July and August. NBA and NHL free agency have pretty much wrapped up, and most NFL "news" involves players describing the best shape of their lives. Thankfully, football and European soccer are just about back, but for a very long stretch… »8/28/14 1:01pm8/28/14 1:01pm

Keith Olbermann On Why No One Watches Baseball Anymore

Wednesday's Game 1 drew 14.4 million viewers. That's slightly up from last year's Game 1, but 2012 was the least-watched Fall Classic of all time. It's been a steady downward trend for the World Series over the least 35 years or so, from a time when the majority of Americans would tune in. To put it in context, 14.4… »10/25/13 8:30am10/25/13 8:30am

1,100 Households Watched The Astros Game On Sunday, The Team's Worst TV Rating Ever

The weekend Nielsens are in, and Houstonians are apparently enjoying the last of the summer. Nearly half-a-million households, or 44 percent of TVs in use, were tuned in to the Texans' boring win over the Dolphins. That's not great—worse than all but four games last year. But it's gangbusters compared to the numbers… »9/11/12 2:40pm9/11/12 2:40pm