Tim Keown's Story On Joe Mauer Wants Minnesota To Get Bent

You're probably used to this sort of subtle cudgel being twirled at cities like New York and Boston, which tend to chew through their heroes just as quickly as they can exalt them. But Tim Keown's piece in the current issue of ESPN The Pulp-Based Periodical is one of the rare stories that quietly rips a place with… » 9/22/12 10:44pm 9/22/12 10:44pm

Twin Sisters Are Iditarod Racers

We don't get much Iditarod coverage around these parts, so thank you to tipster Brandon for sending this along. Anna and Kristy Berington are Wisconsin natives living in Alaska. Above all else, they are trailblazing dog racers. As you read this they are probably mushing their way through the Alaskan wilderness,… » 3/04/12 12:01pm 3/04/12 12:01pm

Kool Aid Man Really Wanted To Catch That Foul Ball

Your morning roundup for Aug. 23, the day they found a lot of semen in a fancy hotel room. H/T to bigsombrero for the photo. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 8/23/11 10:12am 8/23/11 10:12am