Noted Racist Donald Trump Tweets Out Anti-Black Propaganda

Perpetual embarrassment Donald Trump can look almost thoughtful next to his rock-solid, occasionally violent base of racist voters. Except, of course, when he doesn’t. Like this afternoon, for instance, when Donald Trump tweeted out a patently false, race-baiting image just one day after his supporters tried to beat… »11/22/15 5:45pm11/22/15 5:45pm


The Jose Fernandez Trade Rumors Just Started And Reporters Are Fighting About Them

Oh yeah, it’s hot fucking stove season. The most interesting and most frighteningly plausible (given the franchise involved) blockbuster deal being bandied about would involve the Marlins trading away starter Jose Fernandez, an insanely talented 23-year-old under team control for the next three years. »11/19/15 11:17am11/19/15 11:17am

CBS Reporter Jamie Erdahl Reports Steve Smith Injury News She Got From A Fake Twitter Account

There’s nothing more ridiculous than fake Twitter accounts, but they persist because so many stupid people fall for them. One such person is CBS sideline reporter Jamie Erdahl, who quoted a fake Ian Rapoport report that Steve Smith’s injury was a torn Achilles tendon. The network had to quickly retract: »11/01/15 4:13pm11/01/15 4:13pm

Why Twitter Can and Will Make GIFs Disappear

You may have heard that Deadspin’s GIFs disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin disappeared from Twitter. And then Deadspin reappeared on Twitter. It all seems completely ridiculous, except all of it was a pretty standard blunt-force application of copyright law on the internet. The only unusual part was that… »10/14/15 7:07pm10/14/15 7:07pm

ESPNers Bomani Jones And Danny Kanell Got Into A Twitter Fight

ESPN does not like when its personalities publicly call each other out. That is exactly what Bomani Jones did today to College Football analyst Danny Kanell. These burns seem more severe than the usual stuff that gets ESPNers in trouble, like when Keith Law got suspended for defending evolution. Here’s the fight: »10/10/15 5:08pm10/10/15 5:08pm