A Video Compilation Of Baseball's Dangerous Broken Bats

Following the unceremonious end to Tyler Colvin's season, Wezen-Ball put together a fairly succinct montage of dangerous broken bats that were put into play during MLB games. Baseball is the new Thunderdome. [Wezen-Ball] » 9/20/10 11:10am 9/20/10 11:10am

Yep, a Chicago Cub Just Got Impaled on a Broken Bat

Tyler Colvin is in stable condition at a local hospital after being impaled in his upper left chest by a piece of broken bat during Sunday's game at Sun Life Stadium.

Colvin was scoring from third on Welington Castillo's RBI double when a piece of bat hit him in his chest. He was transported to the Ryder Trauma Unit…

» 9/19/10 3:40pm 9/19/10 3:40pm

Man Poses As Unknown Minor Leaguer To Steal Truck

To convince a dealership to front you a vehicle, you need to pretend to be someone famous enough to be able to pay for it, but not so famous that they'd recognize his face. The perfect balance: Tyler Colvin. Who? » 1/15/10 12:05pm 1/15/10 12:05pm