Tyler Ennis Scores No-Look Backhanded Goal While Falling Over

As Tyler Ennis skated towards the net early in Buffalo's game yesterday, Montreal defenseman Alexei Emelin probably thought he had done a decent job shepherding him to away from a dangerous position. Then Ennis managed to kick the puck past the crease, hurdle Carey Price's pads, and then slap a no-look backhander into‚Ķ » 11/29/14 2:39pm 11/29/14 2:39pm

This Is Why Nobody Should Play For Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim continues to be a giant shit. On this morning's episode of SportsCenter, the Syracuse coach got on some snake shit and did what he could to damage Tyler Ennis's career. He did this because he sucks. » 4/04/14 12:04pm 4/04/14 12:04pm

Tyler Ennis's Bucket Mimics The Pretty Spin Move That Made It Possible

Tyler Ennis pulled off this nifty little move in the first half of Syracuse's second-round game against Western Michigan. Ennis spun his way around the Broncos defense and through the lane, dropping off a finger roll that spun its way around the rim and through net. » 3/20/14 4:05pm 3/20/14 4:05pm

Syracuse Stays Unbeaten With Tyler Ennis's Deep Buzzer-Beating Three

Freshman Tyler Ennis threw up one final shot as time expired with Syracuse down 56-55 to Pitt, and man, the Oakland Zoo must have been devastated. Ennis's heroics allowed the Orange to escape Pittsburgh with a 58-56 win, keeping them undefeated. » 2/12/14 9:24pm 2/12/14 9:24pm