Olympic Sprinters Will Be Running Not Only For Gold, But For These Frigging Adorable Baby Cheetahs

Today, the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. officially unveiled their two new cheetah cubs. The ridiculously cute fluffballs don't have names yet—the zoo is waiting on the Olympics. The three-month-old cubs will be named after the top American finishers in the men's and women's 100 meters. So, Justin Gatlin, Tyson… »7/24/12 6:55pm7/24/12 6:55pm

Gay Can't Come Up With Burst In Heat, Denied Shot At Gold

By now you've almost certainly realized that American sprinter and butt-end of sophomoric humor (hehe, butt) Tyson Gay didn't even qualify for the final in the 100-meter (328 feet) dash, which was won in record-breaking fashion by Jamaica's Usain Bolt. Two great last names, each respectively illustrating the thrill of… »8/16/08 12:14pm8/16/08 12:14pm