UAB Football Players Address University President In Fiery Meeting

The University of Alabama at Birmingham announced today that it was shutting down its football program, leading to an emotional day on campus. Before the decision was announced publicly, UAB president Ray Watts met privately with the team. One of the UAB students in the room shot the above video, which captures a… »12/03/14 12:21am12/03/14 12:21am

Someone Please Explain "Overtime" To The Arizona Wildcats

People can't seem to get over the fact that Donovan McNabb was unclear on the concept of tying (he's a professional football player!), but we guess Arizona's basketball team didn't get the memo either »11/19/08 12:00pm11/19/08 12:00pm. See, if two teams have the same score when that last buzzer goes off, the game continues with an extra five-minute…