Ubaldo Jiménez Ejected From No-Hitter Attempt

Ubaldo Jiménez left tonight’s game against the Red Sox without surrendering a base hit after umpire Jordan Baker ejected the Orioles pitcher for allegedly hitting Boston third baseman Pablo Sandoval with a pitch on purpose in the fourth inning. The pitch would have been in retaliation for Sandoval’s dirty slide aimed… »4/17/15 8:43pm4/17/15 8:43pm


Every Baseball Fan Can Appreciate This Video Of CB Bucknor Taking A Fastball To The Face

Given that CB Bucknor's been named "Worst MLB Umpire" by pro ballplayers three times, it's a sure bet most fans don't think much of the ump, either. (Your reaction to our Better Know An Umpire on Bucknor backs that up.) So here's your chance to revel in some CB misery, as he takes an Ubaldo Jimenez fastball square… »7/19/12 4:30pm7/19/12 4:30pm

The Rockies Are Losing Because They Were Mean To Ubaldo Jimenez, Idiot Columnist Claims

The Colorado Rockies have been awful this year. For example: Jamie Moyer was the team's most reliable starting pitcher for a good chunk of the season. After they ditched Moyer, Jeff Francis came back for the lamest return-of-the-prodigal-son ever (he gave up eight earned runs in less than four innings in his first… »6/11/12 6:30pm6/11/12 6:30pm

Here Is The Much-Ballyhooed Ubaldo Jimenez Plunking Of Troy Tulowitzki

Earlier this afternoon, tensions ran high between the Cleveland Indians and the Colorado Rockies when Ubaldo Jimenez drilled his former teammate, Troy Tulowitzki. Tulo immediately dropped his bat and made toward the mound and Jimenez decided to meet him halfway. Benches cleared and not much else happened, but here… »4/02/12 12:33am4/02/12 12:33am