Houston Lost To UCF On A Heartbreaking Play At The Goal Line

There was a crazy amount of sports on TV last night, so nobody should be blamed for missing a college football game between two unranked teams from the American Athletic Conference. But UCF's 17-12 victory over Houston featured one of the more dramatic endings you'll see all year. » 10/03/14 11:23am 10/03/14 11:23am

Big Hit Is Not A Disqualification, Still A Penalty

This hit from South Carolina's Brison Williams initially got him kicked out for targeting, but the disqualification was reversed after review. The penalty itself, though questionable, remained. » 9/28/13 1:21pm 9/28/13 1:21pm

UCF Pre-Med Coed Propositions Dwight Howard

These girl-propositions-an-athlete videos are becoming a bit of an epidemic, aren't they? Today we have Margo. She is a junior at the University of Central Florida who dreams to one day be a pediatrician. And has she got a deal for Dwight Howard. Margo admits to stealing the idea from our sorority girl friend, but… » 1/21/12 3:30pm 1/21/12 3:30pm

Marshall Coach Tom Herrion Flops On Sideline To Draw A Foul, Helps Seal…

Marshall head coach Tom Herrion appeared to have survived "The Big One" toward the end of the second half against UCF on Saturday, when he was allegedly elbowed by Knights guard Isaiah Sykes and collapsed in pain. Repeatedly. And rather dramatically. » 1/17/12 10:20am 1/17/12 10:20am

UCF Basketball Team Can't Believe The Sorry State Of West Virginia…

Tonight, at 7:00 p.m. inside the Cam Henderson Center, these two storied basketball programs will renew their rivalry on the court. Off the court, however, things got a 24-hour head start when several UCF player tweets sparked some spirited back-and-forth. » 1/14/12 2:45pm 1/14/12 2:45pm