UConn Suspends Player For Flipping Off ESPN Camera

Earlier today, we brought you the image above, of UConn freshman Noriana Radwan flipping off an ESPN camera after the Huskies won their conference championship game yesterday. Forty-five minutes later, we got the following sternly worded release from UConn, along with a request to add it to our coverage: »11/10/14 12:06pm11/10/14 12:06pm

Crazed Fan Swarms Minnesota Lynx During Championship Parade In Pedestrian Mall

The Minnesota Lynx won the 2011 WNBA championship today, after defeating the Atlanta Dream, 73-67, for a three-game sweep in the finals. They were feted by a parade in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon: 15,000 fans came out to Nicollet Mall, and 4,500 more joined the team at the Target Center. All of the details,… »10/11/11 8:05pm10/11/11 8:05pm

A Bunch Of People Came Up With $25K So UConn Basketball Players Can Ride On Parade Floats After All

Yesterday, Mike Zaleski, executive director of the Hartford Business Improvement District, said if he couldn't get his fingers wrapped around $25K by Friday, there would be no parade to commemorate the victors of one of the worst college-basketball championship games in the history of round objects. Fine, he didn't… »4/14/11 8:30pm4/14/11 8:30pm

UConn Provides An Official Celebration Video That Conveniently Excludes Rioting And Fire

A premiere research university like Connecticut has a certain image to uphold, even when its Division I basketball team wins a national championship and the entire student body goes apeshit crazy overnight. At UConn, this video suggests, students join together to peacefully sing "We Are the Champions" and sway in… »4/05/11 12:30pm4/05/11 12:30pm

Remember When UConn Won A Title, And They Wanted You To Narc On The Rioting Students?

It was just seven short years ago that the Dean asked the UConn community to email him at with the identities of those tipping cars and starting fires in the great Storrs Conflagration of '04. The school had posted the photos stolen from Facebook, in an all-time shady move. It would be totally… »4/04/11 10:15am4/04/11 10:15am

College Football Preview: The Blackout Is Coming to Georgia!

If you stayed up past midnight on the east coast last night to watch USC-Oregon State right now you're blearily wiping your eyes and cursing the decision as lunch nears and all you want to do is crawl under your desk and sleep. If you're like me you might also be questioning why you let Birmingham, Alabama's finest… »9/26/08 12:30pm9/26/08 12:30pm

8 Most Interesting College Football Games of the Weekend

Sometimes choosing which college football games to watch is tough. Particularly since, unlike the NFL, the games kick off at odd hours, on odd stations, with odd match-ups. And there are so damn many of them. As college football has become more commoditized the top 2 or 3 games soak up 99% of the attention and the… »9/11/08 4:00pm9/11/08 4:00pm