Italian Man Recognized For Being Soccer Club's Only Fan

Arrigo Brovedani is a wine merchant and a fan of Udinese, an Italian Serie A soccer club. A few days ago, he was in Genoa on business, about four hours from Friuli, where Udinese is based. It happened to be the same day Udinese was playing Sampdoria, the club based in Genoa. So Brovedani decided to go. He turned out… »12/12/12 6:05pm12/12/12 6:05pm

Soccer Player Gets One-On-One With Keeper, Stubs Toe On Turf, Falls Face-First Onto Ball

There's a reason this Udinese-Braga match is a Champions League qualifier, and not the Champions League. Udinese defender Pablo Armero, after scoring earlier, found himself all alone with a chance to clinch things. He would not, as you see, and Braga would score the equalizer and win on PKs thanks to a failed… »8/28/12 5:35pm8/28/12 5:35pm