Michel Platini, Facing Lengthy FIFA Ban, Will Boycott Ethics Hearing

Suspended UEFA president Michel Platini, along with suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter, are almost certain to receive long bans from soccer’s governing body by early next week. This has been clear for a while, and is supported by recent reports from those inside the FIFA ethics committee in charge of the…

Robin van Persie Own Goal Ensures Netherlands Fail To Qualify For Euros

With the 2016 European Championships expanding from the usual 16 teams to 24, it should have been a given that the Netherlands would qualify. They finished third at last year’s World Cup, and boast a roster full of future stars and Champions League veterans. Yet going into today’s final group qualifying match against…

This Cristiano Ronaldo Ballon D'Or Campaign Is Getting Really Gross

UEFA president Michel Platini made a pretty reasonable comment in Madrid earlier this week, saying in his opinion the Ballon d'Or should go to a German player after the country's success in the World Cup. The statement set off the Real Madrid spin machine though, and the team took matters into their own hands.


Investigation Finds Hundreds Of Fixed Soccer Matches, Including World Cup Qualifiers And Champions League Games

The day after the Super Bowl, you might have an annoying European friend or co-worker tell you he's unimpressed. He'll say how football is filled with commercials and downtime and Beyonce instead of game action, how the third-quarter brownout is an embarrassment to American infrastructure, how it's ludicrous that a…