What Is Jerome Randle Doing Leading The Ukrainian National Team?

Jerome Randle goes by many names these days. As Jerome, he’s won NCAA tournament games and knocked on the NBA’s door for half a decade. Jerome is from Chicago. Jerome was, briefly, responsible for setting up Dirk Nowitzki. But Джером Рендл or, phonetically, Dzherom Rendl, isn’t close to California, Dallas, or anywhere…

Flames and Chaos Erupt in Kiev as 21 Die in Police Raid on Protest

The months-long standoff between Ukraine's strongarm pro-Russian president and opposition protesters in the streets of Kiev, the capital, has turned grisly in recent hours, with 18 deaths reported in clashes between police and the demonstrators. This gripping livestream is being broadcast from Kiev's main square:


Ukraine Solves Its Alcoholic Bear Problem Just In Time For Euro 2012 (Also, Ukraine Had A Problem With Alcoholic Bears)

Some of you may not know this, but Ukraine has a bit of a problem with drunk bears. They call them "vodka bears" because they were given vodka and forced to dance as a means of entertainment at local hotels and restaurants. Last August, efforts were made to stop the practice, but now I guess they have a new problem: …