Spelling Bee Semifinalists Set To Ultimate Warrior's Intro Music

Is there anything better than watching kids gleefully race to the stage after hearing their names called as Scripps National Spelling Bee semifinalists? Yes, there is! It's watching kids gleefully race to the stage with the Ultimate Warrior's theme music, "Unstable," as musical backing. » 5/28/14 6:06pm 5/28/14 6:06pm

Mike Francesa Could Not Give Less Of A Shit About The Ultimate Warrior

You think the Sports Pope wants to sit here and spend his day talking about professional wrestling? Get a clue. Francesa could cah less about that gahbage. » 4/10/14 12:06pm 4/10/14 12:06pm

The Ultimate Warrior Was An Insane Dick

In his last public appearance, not 24 hours before his death, James Hellwig made clear that there is a distinction between the Ultimate Warrior and the man beneath the facepaint. So it in no way detracts from the respect earned by one of the biggest and most unique characters in wrestling history to point out that… » 4/09/14 3:06pm 4/09/14 3:06pm

The Ultimate Warrior Gave His Own Eulogy A Day Before His Death

After a career built on death rumors, it's finally true. Jim Hellwig, who had legally changed his name to Warrior, died last night in Arizona at the age of 54. Fewer than 24 hours earlier, he appeared on WWE Monday Night RAW, and to celebrate his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, he addressed the fans one final… » 4/09/14 8:41am 4/09/14 8:41am

It's Official: The Ultimate Warrior is Gonna Tear Up WWE 2K14

Rumored last week when an ad appeared in WWE magazine, it's now official: The Ultimate Warrior will be making his first-ever appearance in the 13-year run of what is now called WWE 2K14. The catch is he's only being offered—for now one guesses—as a preorder incentive. » 7/15/13 1:15pm 7/15/13 1:15pm

In Wrestlemania VI Rematch, Ultimate Warrior To Yell At Hulk Hogan A Lot

The Ultimate Warrior (legal name: "Warrior") is pissed at Hulk Hogan for something or other. That includes a handful of YouTube videos, recorded on his desktop camera in his den like so many American teenagers. I'm not sure exactly what he's mad about, because I'll be damned if I'm going to watch a 7 minute… » 6/10/11 6:30pm 6/10/11 6:30pm