Duke Assistant Attempts To Pump Up Team By Losing His Damn Mind

Before Duke took on rival UNC last night, cameras caught undergraduate assistant Chris Hoover getting the Blue Devils pumped up for the big game. That is one amped-ass assistant! » 11/21/14 3:48pm 11/21/14 3:48pm

UNC Suspends Four Players After Report Of Alleged Hazing Investigation

North Carolina has suspended four players—starting cornerbacks Desmond Lawrence and Brian Walker and backups M.J. Stewart and Donnie Miles—after it was revealed the school is investigating an alleged hazing incident that left walk-on freshman wideout Jackson Boyer with a concussion. » 8/27/14 9:48pm 8/27/14 9:48pm

UNC Hazing Incident Allegedly Gives Walk-On Freshman A Concussion

This could be a fresh badge of stupid for North Carolina's revenue sports. Amid multiple academic fraud investigations, the school is now investigating a football team hazing incident that escalated into an "alleged group assault," according to Yahoo. » 8/26/14 6:52pm 8/26/14 6:52pm

Hornets First-Round Pick Charged With Assault After Punching Teenager

Former UNC star P.J. Hairston—who was forced to turn pro and spend last season in the D-League after being suspended by the NCAA for receiving impermissible benefits—went to a local pickup game at the YMCA this weekend, where he got mad and punched a 17-year-old kid he was playing against. » 7/07/14 12:19pm 7/07/14 12:19pm

Marcus Paige Is College Basketball's Newest Little Badass

Despite all the good it offers, a college basketball season like the one we are currently enjoying—one that comes stocked with All-American talent and blue chip NBA prospects—can find itself lacking in the presence of a particular brand of collegiate star: the little guy who, despite his diminutive size and long-shot… » 2/27/14 10:56am 2/27/14 10:56am

NY Post Declares "Carolina" Its Own State

Make sure to pick a copy of next Thursday's Post for a preview of the Potato Bowl, where we'll finally get to see who's the best team in "Dakota." » 8/29/13 5:23pm 8/29/13 5:23pm

UNC Academic Scandal Continues, Reportedly Tolerated Cheating

While the actual "student-athlete" may have died a long time ago, the conceit somehow lives on. As college athletics has grown in popularity and profitability, the NCAA quietly killed the student-athlete and replaced him with an evil twin brother. It used to be a ringer was a guy who had no connection to a team, he… » 11/18/12 10:07am 11/18/12 10:07am

Your NCAA Tournament Elite Eight, Day Two Open Thread

Baylor and Kentucky start the day off at 2:20 p.m. and then Roy Williams and UNC take on the still-special Kansas Jayhawks at 5:05 p.m. All the action is on CBS and in the comments below. Enjoy. » 3/25/12 2:20pm 3/25/12 2:20pm

Roy Williams Used To Coach At Kansas, A Special Place

As we wait for one ex-coach to possibly face off against his old team, we've got one waiting for us in this evening's second game. Roy Williams used to coach for Kansas before returning to his alma mater, North Carolina. In case you weren't sure, here's a little taste. » 3/25/12 1:55pm 3/25/12 1:55pm

Your College Basketball Open Thread

There are something like four billion games on today, give or take. Use this space to talk about all of them. Should I dedicate an entire open thread to Duke-UNC later tonight? You tell me. For now, here's a rundown of some of the games you'll be able to see. » 3/03/12 11:59am 3/03/12 11:59am

UNC And Michigan State Will Wear Ugly Camo Uniforms In Game On Aircraft…

Now is as good of a time as any to remind the world that in just a week and a half, two premier college basketball programs will be playing an actual game that will actually count on a giant aircraft carrier on the water in San Diego. And they'll be doing so, it turns out, in camouflage jerseys that say "U.S.A." on… » 11/01/11 6:00pm 11/01/11 6:00pm

Dick Vitale Heralds The Start Of The College Basketball Season By…

Midnight Madness—the annual tradition in which college students get drunk and riled up to go watch their basketball teams perform skits and windmill dunks in anticipation of getting drunk and riled up to go watch their basketball teams play basketball—is tonight! » 10/14/11 7:45pm 10/14/11 7:45pm

Watch 16-Year-Old Indi Cowie Juggle A Soccer Ball Better Than The Boys

This week, the New York Times Magazine has the classic story about the quiet, anonymous Scottish-American high school sophomore girl who happens to be one of the best freestyle soccer players in the world. Stop me if you've heard this one before. » 3/29/11 11:20am 3/29/11 11:20am

Here's Video Of UNC's Anticlimactic Buzzer-Beater

UNC came back from down 17 19 against Miami this afternoon. Their only lead of the game came at the buzzer, when Kendall Marshall drove valiantly to the hoop and... dished it off to Tyler Zeller for a lay-up. Still, a game-winning buzzer-beater is a game-winning buzzer-beater, a win is a win, and so on. The Heels… » 3/11/11 2:30pm 3/11/11 2:30pm

Erin Andrews Night Out Rumor Gives UNC Player "Street Value"

Earlier in the month we told you about a rumor regarding a night out between Erin Andrews and UNC basketball player Bobby Frasor. Frasor's dad is now putting the rumors to rest. » 12/14/08 1:30pm 12/14/08 1:30pm

Terps Beat Heels, the End Is Nigh

This evening the number one team in the land was bested by a positively average (that's the nicest thing I'll say about them all year) Maryland Terrapins team. The UNC fans could have dealt with the loss by writing it off as one of those unfortunate conference defeats that seem inevitable for even the best teams.… » 1/19/08 7:44pm 1/19/08 7:44pm