Players Hate Those Sleeved Jerseys, And The NBA Pretends To Care

The sleeves jerseys are slowly taking over. With the news that the Nets will break out Dodgers-inspired uniforms in the spring, that makes five teams to add sleeved alternates to their regular rotation. Add in the 10 teams to play on Christmas Day, and the All-Star Game, and it's unavoidable—the NBA is pushing these… » 1/28/14 9:01am 1/28/14 9:01am

We Need To Steal This Idea From Slovakia's Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Nike continues to roll out the Olympic hockey sweaters. (The Americans'? They're OK. Could do without the shoulder stars. And the phantom ties, though those are universal. At least they're not Nazi-inspired.) The Slovak jerseys were unveiled today, and they're pretty crisp. But there's one subtle, wonderful feature… » 11/05/13 3:54pm 11/05/13 3:54pm