Eric Crouch Skypes With His Heisman In The Frame

Tim Tebow prototype Eric Crouch won the 2001 Heisman Trophy, and his bio pretty much ends there. A dominant college player, he never found much of a place in professional football and now works as an analyst for Fox. Still, though, he's got the trophy and time to kill; this makes him a go-to for shows that might… » 12/06/12 9:00am 12/06/12 9:00am

ESPNU Is Launching A Hip New Late-Night Program That Will Almost Certainly Be Awful

Once upon a time, ESPN2—then edgily dubbed "the Deuce"—launched with Keith Olbermann and Suzy Kolber as the anchors of SportsNight, its flagship program for young folk. (If the names Keith Olbermann and Suzy Kolber sound too old and safe for you, reader, think of them as 1993's analogues to today's Skrillex and… » 7/18/12 1:25pm 7/18/12 1:25pm