University Of Alabama Relents, Daisha Simmons Will Play At Seton Hall

The saga of former Alabama basketball player Daisha Simmons looks like it is finally coming to an end. The University of Alabama announced Tuesday night that they had changed course and were supporting Simmons's waiver request to be able to play basketball at Seton Hall this upcoming season. If you're unfamiliar with… »10/07/14 10:00pm10/07/14 10:00pm

Alabama Basketball Player Arrested Following A Child's Kidnapping

Devonta Pollard, a rising junior basketball player at the University of Alabama, was arrested today following the April 30 kidnapping of a six-year-old girl from Mississippi. The Tuscaloosa News reports that he was charged with one count of conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Six people, including Pollard's mother,… »6/04/13 10:40pm6/04/13 10:40pm

Tree-Poisoner Harvey Updyke Will Spend Six Months In Jail And Five Years On Probation

Harvey Updyke, the Alabama football fan that, in 2010, poisoned two oak trees that figure prominently in Auburn athletic traditions, and then essentially confessed to the act (a Class-C felony in Alabama) unbidden on Paul Finebaum's radio show, accepted a plea deal on Friday. While Updyke will get credit for time… »3/23/13 11:40am3/23/13 11:40am

"Sweat Is Just Your Fat Crying," Says Weird Sign In Alabama Weight Room

That's it, we've officially run out of motivational slogans to slap on the walls of places where college athletes congregate. The day that this sign was hung up in the University of Alabama football team's weight room is the day that someone should have taken a step back and said, "You know what, maybe we're trying a… »2/27/13 3:15pm2/27/13 3:15pm

Don't Worry, Rest Of College Football, Alabama's Only Getting The Leading High School Rusher Of All Time Next Year

It's been a good week for college football teams not named "Alabama" because they've been able to bask in the notion, however mistaken, that the gap Alabama between themselves and Alabama is closing. A loss to Texas A&M dropped the Crimson Tide to a previously unthinkable 9-1, and now the team finds itself… »11/17/12 9:15am11/17/12 9:15am

Arkansas's Drop Out Of The Top 25 Is Second Only To Michigan's After The Appalachian State Debacle

Remember about 17 hours ago, when the Arkansas Razorbacks lost to 30-point underdog Louisiana-Monroe in Little Rock? SEC teams that lose to Sun Belt teams can expect to take a dip in the rankings, but this one is especially dramatic: Arkansas fell from eighth to nowhere in this week's version of the AP Poll. Not since… »9/09/12 4:35pm9/09/12 4:35pm

If He Knew How, Nick Saban Would Troll Football Websites To Get Back At Reporters

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban's "first news conference of the preseason practice schedule" is annually a seminal moment in Tuscaloosa. At this year's FNCotPPS, Saban expressed dismay with the speed by which stories/rumors/innuendo spreads in the information age. Sayeth Saban to the press corps,… »8/06/11 12:30pm8/06/11 12:30pm