Looking To Burn $5,000? The University Of Colorado Has You Covered

Right now on something called Higher Ed Surplus—a division of Public Surplus, which is like eBay for public agencies looking to get rid of their shit—the University of Colorado is auctioning off its 16-year-old basketball (and volleyball) court for the low, low price of $5,000. Now you can personally relive all the … »6/03/12 1:00pm6/03/12 1:00pm

Pac-12 Releases A Highfalutin Hype Video That Arizona State Students Won't Be Able To Understand

We've provided here the full transcription of the purplest and most thesaurus-dependent prose to ever grace a promotional video for a college football conference. College football is back, you guys. Let me rephrase that: college football is back with "an avant garde redesign of the competitive balance." That's… »7/26/11 3:50pm7/26/11 3:50pm

Rick Reilly Shuts Down Journalism School, Pisses On Journalism's Corpse, Makes Some Shit Up About MLK

Rick Reilly returned yesterday to the University of Colorado's J-School to deliver a speech to graduates. A 1981 alumni himself, Reilly sent out the last pure CU journalism grads, as the program converts to "journalism plus" next year. Gathered from reports by the Denver Post and Daily Camera, here are some of the… »5/06/11 2:15pm5/06/11 2:15pm

University of Colorado Announces Valet Bike Parking For Football Games

Surely you jest. The University of Colorado couldn't really—this has to be made up, right? You can't expect to beat or even compete with five of the top 14 teams in the country if your university community is focused on valet bike parking. Well, you can if you're the crazy uncle of the Big 12. Welcome to Boulder. »8/06/08 12:00pm8/06/08 12:00pm