These Emails Confirm That ESPN's Darren Rovell Is A Sensitive Penis

Remember when ESPN business reporter and post-human Darren Rovell narced out a guy on Twitter for cracking a joke at his expense? At the time, a lot of people figured Rovell was just blustering. Surely, they thought, he's not so big a baby that he'd tattle on someone just for busting on him on the internet. Thanks to… »5/05/14 4:59pm5/05/14 4:59pm


Go read Michigan professor Yago Colas on his student Mitch McGary: "Perhaps the humanity he has

Go read Michigan professor Yago Colas on his student Mitch McGary: "Perhaps the humanity he has shown, in class and in smoking a joint, might actually be an integral part of (rather than some unfortunate obstacle to) what made him so effective and thrilling as a basketball player." [Between the Lines] »4/25/14 5:29pm4/25/14 5:29pm

Mitch McGary Declaring For NBA Draft, Victim Of NCAA Reefer Madness

After missing most of last season with a back injury, University of Michigan forward Mitch McGary seemed likely to head back to Ann Arbor for another year of work on his sketchy offensive game and another deep run in the NCAA tournament. Instead, he'll be declaring for the NBA draft—all because he got high. »4/25/14 9:56am4/25/14 9:56am

It Took A While, But Michigan Decides That Fried Chicken Jokes Are Bad

On May 24, radio host and University of Michigan football announcer Frank Beckmann decided to take to The Detroit News to weigh in on Sergio Garcia's "fried chicken" comments about Tiger Woods. This didn't prove wise, because Beckmann came off as dumb, insensitive, and/or racist, which are generally bad things to be… »5/30/13 10:47pm5/30/13 10:47pm

Tom Crean Chews Out Former Kelvin Sampson Assistant, Jeff Meyer

After Indiana won its first outright Big Ten regular-season title since 1993 with a 72-71 win over Michigan, Tom Crean decided to confront Jeff Meyer. Meyer is a current assistant with Michigan and was previously an assistant coach at Indiana during Kelvin Sampson's controversial time with the program. It's hard to… »3/11/13 1:00am3/11/13 1:00am

Hey, Michigan: Illinois Will Show You Their Athletic Director's Contract If You Show Them Yours

We like to request records from public universities from time to time. We also like to request the requests made to these universities, which lets us know who's snooping around where. Mainly, it's reporters. Occasionally, though, one of our meta-requests reveals some high-level intercollegiate inanity, such as this… »2/07/12 3:52pm2/07/12 3:52pm

Wisconsin Beats Michigan With A Banked-In Three-Pointer At The Buzzer

Wisconsin's Josh Gasser beat Michigan with this shot last night, and probably ended their chances at an at-large bid to the dance, too. The look on the Wolverines' faces after the shot says it all: there really is no more demoralizing ending to a basketball game, if you're not on the side that chucked up the prayer,… »2/24/11 10:25am2/24/11 10:25am