Texas Assistant Coach Major Applewhite Was Disciplined For "Inappropriate, Consensual Behavior With An Adult Student" Four Years Ago

Former University of Texas quarterback and current UT co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Major Applewhite (that's his first name, not his rank) was disciplined in 2009 by the University of Texas for an infraction now being described as, if we're accurately connecting the very clear dots—"inappropriate,"… »2/02/13 10:45am2/02/13 10:45am

University Of Texas Track Coach To Step Down Following Investigation Into Relationship With Former Student-Athlete

Bev Kearney has been the women's track and field head coach at the University of Texas since 1993 and has overseen six National Championship squads in that time. In October, Kearney was placed on paid administrative leave when, it now seems, a former student-athlete with whom she had a "consensual intimate… »1/06/13 4:00pm1/06/13 4:00pm

University Of Texas' Augie Garrido Is The Angriest, Most Foul-Mouthed Coach Since Bobby Knight

Golly. Augie Garrido sure gets steamed. I guess you can't argue with the results: Garrido has more wins than any NCAA Division I coach in baseball history, along with five national championships. This video is old and pulled from a Richard Linklater documentary that aired some time ago on ESPN (after being edited,… »5/04/11 1:20pm5/04/11 1:20pm