March Madness Up All Night

The night games are finally wrapping up, and the late night session is already underway off in Denver. My Pitt Panthers, led by the one and only Levance Fields, is matched up against a tough Michigan State team and I will not be live blogging for fear of getting way too emotional. I've long been a Spartan hater and I… » 3/22/08 9:26pm 3/22/08 9:26pm

One Series Is Alive ... Can We Make It Two?

As close as this series has been so far, we're just one Pistons victory away from it being totally lopsided. They've been so close on the road, most people believe the Cavs will be able to take at least a game at home. Except for Rasheed Wallace, who would lead you to believe that if the Pistons try, the Pistons win. » 5/27/07 7:00pm 5/27/07 7:00pm

Hopefully, Tim Duncan Suffers From Cyanophobia

A fear of the color blue is what we're counting on to tighten this series up. The attire of the fans in Salt Lake City is the focus of the AP article previewing Game Three of the Spurs/Jazz series. Everyone in Energy Solutions arena will be decked out tonight in "True Blue" shirts that will, I don't know ...… » 5/26/07 6:00pm 5/26/07 6:00pm

Poor Mario Got Strung Out On Mushrooms

So a rockin' sports Saturday morphed into a pretty lazy sports Sunday that was redeemed only recently by an excellent Spurs/Suns game that featured over 215 points and several gallons of Steve Nash's blood. The Spurs did hang on to take Game One. » 5/06/07 7:25pm 5/06/07 7:25pm