Tiger Up By Two, Rocco Swats At Imaginary Vultures Circling Him

Broadcast switch. ESPN retires its coverage for the day and turns it over to Bob Costas at NBC who sounds very, very serious, saying that "Rocco Mediate's Cinderella story is in jeopardy." He's speaking in hushed tones, like he's in a confessional or explaining death to a small child. He has not called Sean Salisbury… »6/16/08 2:07pm6/16/08 2:07pm

Woods Takes One Stroke Lead, Rocco Still Smiling Like A Man Playing With House Money

The focus on Rocco right now is his closeness to the common man. After every shot, Johnny Miller is quick to point out Rocco's likability: shlubby, balding, great attitude, "looks like the guy who cleans the swimming pool", etc. It seems genuine, but you get the sense that they're waiting for Tiger to pull away, so… »6/16/08 1:21pm6/16/08 1:21pm