This Might Be The Oldest Surviving American Soccer Footage

If you're interesting in the long, under-celebrated history of American soccer, I can't recommend enough the uploads from Youtube user "soccermavn." There are old ads, footage of NASL's glory days, and even video of the short-lived United Soccer Association. (Update: He apparently got lots of these tapes from Dave… » 12/18/12 4:10pm 12/18/12 4:10pm

Women's Professional Soccer Escapes Extinction

For the past few months, we've been following the sad saga of one of the most destructive owners in professional sports, Dan Borislow, and his ongoing legal (and email) fight against one of the most beleaguered professional sports organizations in the world, Women's Professional Soccer. » 12/13/11 12:15pm 12/13/11 12:15pm

Jurgen Klinsmann Doesn't Think The United States Will Win A World Cup…

New U.S. men's soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann sat down on Sunday for his "first private interview" with SI's Grant Wahl the other day. The heavens shook. Stigmata were touched. Then Wahl began asking several of the standard questions new American soccer coaches always get asked. The most standard of them came at the end:… » 8/08/11 2:05pm 8/08/11 2:05pm

American Brutalizes Canada With Sensational Goal In Jamaica

Nathan Smith, defender from California, robbed Canada of its desire to compete and live on Sunday when he scored this incredible goal during extra time of the 2011 CONCACAF U-17 championship in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The goal broke the 450-minute shutout streak of Canadian keeper Maxime Crepeau, who still has a cool… » 2/28/11 1:15pm 2/28/11 1:15pm