Clarence Thomas Name-Drops NBA While Arguing Some Discrimination Is OK

The summer of Justice Clarence Thomas making sports references in opinions from which his fellow justices run screaming continued yesterday with his dissent in a Texas case regarding housing discrimination. In this case, Thomas brought up the NBA and the fact that it is a predominantly black league. If you’re… »6/26/15 2:30pm6/26/15 2:30pm


Clarence Thomas Cites Warrick Dunn's Life Story In Death-Penalty Case 

On Jan. 7, 1993, Kevan Brumfield was one of two men who gunned down Baton Rouge police Cpl. Betty Smothers. The mother of six, including then 18-year-old Warrick Dunn, was working an off-duty security job, escorting a grocery store manager to make a bank deposit. Brumfield was sentenced to death two years later. »6/19/15 5:15pm6/19/15 5:15pm