Fight Erupts In USA-Canada Women's Exhibition Game

USA-Canada is quickly becoming the kind of grudge match you can respect and not one that makes you feel uncomfortable for Robert DeNiro. Prior to last night's throwdown in Grand Forks, these two teams also had a massive brawl in October in Burlington, Vermont. That's two fights in in three months and we're not even… »12/21/13 1:03pm12/21/13 1:03pm

This Is The Fourth Annual "Hockey Weekend Across America," Assuming It Actually Exists

While the NBA is off celebrating its All-Star Weekend, which CNN calls "Black Thanksgiving," the NHL and USA Hockey are collaborating on their own star-studded weekend tribute to their game. And by stars, they mean Eddie Cahill, Ken Baker, and Ashlan Gorse. And by tribute, they mean, uh, something? Look at that… »2/18/11 6:55pm2/18/11 6:55pm