Is Jamaica In A Sprinting Recession?

Even before the advent of Usain Bolt, Jamaican men owned the sprinting world. Since 2006, in the 100 meters, they've had no less than six of the top 10 times of the year, peaking at nine of the top 10 when Bolt set his first world record in 2008. But in 2014, Jamaica's best athletes are missing, and there is no… » 7/21/14 4:52pm 7/21/14 4:52pm

Usain Bolt Continues To Move His Feet Incredibly Quickly, Even When…

The hijinks were fairly low-wattage on the first night of the NBA's All-Star Weekend— the Rising Stars game saw Kenneth Faried score 40 points on 18 of 22 shooting and Kyrie Irving do this to Brandon Knight, while United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan scored 11 points in the celebrity game (six less than… » 2/16/13 9:30am 2/16/13 9:30am

The U.S. Military Has Built A Robot That Runs Faster Than Usain Bolt

Fifty years from now, let's not pretend we didn't see the warning signs. They were there the whole time. Hell, this post is a warning sign. DARPA, the wing of the Department of Defense that makes all the coolest shit everyday people don't usually get to see, has released this video of Cheetah, a four-legged,… » 9/05/12 9:05pm 9/05/12 9:05pm

Usain Bolt Has A History Of Stealing This Swedish Photographer's Camera

After Usain Bolt became the first person to ever win back-to-back Olympic gold medals in both the 100 and 200 meters, grabbed the camera of a nearby photographer and started taking his own pictures of the scene. What you might not be aware of is that Bolt and the photographer, a Swede named Jimmy Wixtröm, have… » 8/09/12 9:50pm 8/09/12 9:50pm

Take A Look At NBC's Feed Of Usain Bolt's Record Setting 100m…

Just kidding, don't waste your time. If you want to see the race, you know where to go. In this space, we're going to talk about how pitiful NBC's online product has been. Debate the merits of tape delaying all you like, it's clearly working (or at least not hurting) from a ratings standpoint. To those complaining,… » 8/05/12 5:39pm 8/05/12 5:39pm