The IAAF's New President Is On Nike's Payroll

Brit Sebastian Coe, better known to friends and family as Lord Coe, was voted in as the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations over the only other contender, Russian Sergey Bubka. For the past eight years, Coe has been an IAAF vice-president, and also takes credit for putting on the 2012… »8/20/15 3:00pm8/20/15 3:00pm


Nike Exec: “I’m Gonna Fuckin’ Kill You”

On Wednesday, website published a University of Oregon Police Department report of an incident on June 25 in a field just west of Hayward Field. It was around 7 p.m., toward the end of the first day of the USA Track and Field national championships, and coach Danny Mackey was sitting with one on his… »8/14/15 12:05pm8/14/15 12:05pm

When A Famed Nike Coach Tried To Steal A Race, A Track Protest Was Born

The scene was unprecedented: seven runners walking off the track hand in hand, in quiet protest against their own governing body. The women had just run the 1,500-meter race at the U.S. indoor national championships on Feb. 23 in Albuquerque. The day before, the winner of the 3,000-meter race, Gabe Grunewald, had been… »3/07/14 12:48pm3/07/14 12:48pm

Jeneba Tarmoh Withdraws From Olympic 100m Runoff, USA Track & Field Has Giant Mess On Its Hands

Last week, Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh finished in a dead heat for third place in the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. The physically improbable feat exposed a USA Track & Field woefully unprepared for the possibility—there was no plan in place, and after days of dithering, USATF offered the two the… »7/02/12 2:30pm7/02/12 2:30pm