A Deadspin Special Report: Another Vixen Thrown Into the Mix

So, progress has been limited thus far. I've put in the call to both Justine Gilman and Lori Nelson (advisor and "coach", respectively) of the fabled Song Girls but I am not expecting a message return. However, the man answering the phones at the USC advisory office did say he was not aware of the incident and that… »1/03/07 2:25pm1/03/07 2:25pm


A Deadspin Special Report: USC Song Girl Buttocks Investigation

Plenty of emails have been coming in about the identity of the unfortunate USC lassie whose buoyant caboose was briefly revealed during the Rose Bowl game Monday, then subsequently YouTube-d and jpg-ed all over the world for the oggling, cubicled masses. So far, resident Deadspin commenter Jesse James has graciously… »1/03/07 11:16am1/03/07 11:16am