Security Guard Tries To Tackle Fan Rushing The Field, Eats It

USF upset Temple last night at Raymond James Stadium, and students rushed the field because they’re not old enough to remember when the Bulls were actually good. Given the Buccaneers are playing on that field today, stadium security did its best to keep fans off the playing surface. That didn’t work so well. »11/15/15 12:55pm11/15/15 12:55pm


Jawanza Poland's Play-In Game Tip Slam Was Final Four Quality

Jawanza Poland's USF team is making as much a case to warrant their inclusion in the NCAA tournament as they are for the committee being completely out of their minds when offering a bid to Cal. It's been a thorough thrashing all game, and there's no better example of USF's dominance than Poland's follow-slam. [TruTV] »3/14/12 11:09pm3/14/12 11:09pm

The Rutgers-USF Women's Basketball Game Ended With A Scuffle And Two Middle Fingers Last Night

With under a minute to play and her team up five against USF last night, Rutgers forward Chelsey Lee rebounded a missed shot and was promptly fouled — spiritedly — by Bulls center Porche Grant. The 6'2" senior kept advancing, and eventually got thrown out of the game with a flagrant technical foul. Her two salutes… »2/24/11 2:25pm2/24/11 2:25pm