Jawanza Poland's Play-In Game Tip Slam Was Final Four Quality

Jawanza Poland's USF team is making as much a case to warrant their inclusion in the NCAA tournament as they are for the committee being completely out of their minds when offering a bid to Cal. It's been a thorough thrashing all game, and there's no better example of USF's dominance than Poland's follow-slam. [TruTV] »3/14/12 11:09pm3/14/12 11:09pm

The Rutgers-USF Women's Basketball Game Ended With A Scuffle And Two Middle Fingers Last Night

With under a minute to play and her team up five against USF last night, Rutgers forward Chelsey Lee rebounded a missed shot and was promptly fouled — spiritedly — by Bulls center Porche Grant. The 6'2" senior kept advancing, and eventually got thrown out of the game with a flagrant technical foul. Her two salutes… »2/24/11 2:25pm2/24/11 2:25pm