The United States Cap-Tied Two Very Good Dual Nationals Last Night

The United States started off their World Cup Qualifying campaign in St. Louis last night with a 6-1 win against Caribbean minnows St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The result was as expected and there’s nothing substantial to be gleaned from how the team played, aside from the fact that they allowed St. Vincent to… »11/14/15 10:29am11/14/15 10:29am


Is This Jürgen Klinsmann-Fabian Johnson Thing Really A Thing?

For the first time in his largely stress-free tenure as USMNT manager, Jürgen Klinsmann is facing real scrutiny about his job performance. And while it hasn’t been exactly fashionable to take aim at him until now, the press and fan responses to his current dilemma are inextricably linked to their pre-existing feelings… »10/14/15 10:41am10/14/15 10:41am

Mexico Beat The USMNT Because They're A Better Team

As we sift through the rubble of last night’s 3-2 Mexico victory over the USMNT, Jürgen Klinsmann finds himself squarely in the spotlight. The high stakes one-off is a disappointing setback for the program, and an occasion to soberly evaluate the course that Klinsmann has charted for it. The U.S. will miss out on the… »10/11/15 12:37pm10/11/15 12:37pm

U.S. Soccer Loses To Honduras, Gets Into Big Shoving Match

Honduras beat the USA U-23s 2-0 in the semifinals of the Olympic qualifying tournament today. The United States played without creativity, and resorted to medieval soccer, just kind of hacking it up to their taller players for most of the second half. The frustration built up after Jordan Morris had an goal unfairly… »10/10/15 5:24pm10/10/15 5:24pm

Landon Donovan Says USMNT Shouldn't Take Klinsmann To The Next World Cup

The last time the public got to stick the thermometer into the Landon Donovan-Jürgen Klinsmann beef, we learned that the meat was still cooking. In a new interview, Donovan’s thoughts about Klinsmann’s shaky recent record and what that should mean for the manager’s job security show that yep, this beef is getting… »10/06/15 4:55pm10/06/15 4:55pm

The USMNT Just Lost To Jamaica. So What's Next? 

The United States Men’s National Team lost 2-1 to Jamaica in the semifinals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the first time they have failed to advance to the finals since 2003, when they were knocked out in the semifinals by Brazil’s U-23 team. A U-23 team that featured players like Kaka, Maicon, Robinho, Thiago Motta, and… »7/22/15 9:09pm7/22/15 9:09pm

USA Score, Finally, As Dempsey Puts Yanks Up 1-0 On Haiti

A thus-far uninspired performance by the U.S. has, at least, resulted in a goal and once again it’s Clint Dempsey who scored to put his side up 1-0 on Haiti in tonight’s Gold Cup match at the Patriots’ stadium in Foxborough. Let’s not let Deuce take all the credit, though he’s certainly earned it thus far in the… »7/10/15 9:50pm7/10/15 9:50pm

A Different Kind Of Party At The Women's World Cup

In May I was at a bar in Portland, Ore., with two of my brothers, watching the U.S. women’s national soccer team play the first of a series of pre-World Cup tune-ups. At first, we were the only people there—it was Mother’s Day, around brunchtime. A little after halftime, an older couple sat down at the other end of… »7/09/15 3:48pm7/09/15 3:48pm

Clint Dempsey Has Something To Prove

The USMNT’s Gold Cup opener was their first competitive match since the World Cup, and in the broadest sense, it’s all about the next one. Jurgen Klinsmann has said repeatedly how 2015 is a year of “transition” for the roster—reloading, getting younger, starting up the position battles that will play out from now… »7/08/15 9:22am7/08/15 9:22am

Landon Donovan's Goal Was The Start Of Something Great

As we wait with increasingly dwindling patience for the U.S. women to get their shit together, I thought we could all do with some happy America fuzzy-memory time. June 23, 2010, five years ago today, Landon Donovan’s World Cup stoppage-time goal saved the USMNT from elimination, won them the group, and proved… »6/23/15 2:25pm6/23/15 2:25pm