Report: Tax-Exempt U.S.T.A.'s Financials Are Shady As Shit

The New York Times attempts to untangle the mess of finances surrounding the United States Tennis Association and its executives, and what they found is ugly. The Times can't just come out and say it, but the inescapable conclusion is that maybe the U.S. wouldn't suck so much at tennis if the U.S.T.A. wasn't diverting… »8/22/14 1:37pm8/22/14 1:37pm


Here's The Roof That'll Cover Arthur Ashe Stadium At U.S. Open

The USTA released renderings this afternoon of the new roof that will be built for Arthur Ashe Stadium. The USTA said it's "likely" it'll be ready by 2017. There will also be a grand renovation of the entire U.S. Open tennis campus in Queens. It'll cost $550 million. That'll include a new Louis Armstrong Stadium and a… »8/15/13 12:45pm8/15/13 12:45pm