This Is The Photo That Got A BYU Football Player Suspended

No, really. That's it. That's Spencer Hadley, senior linebacker, having what looks like a swell time in this undated photo from what looks like a club located in the dark heart of somewhere sinful. Hadley's the one in the greenish-blue shirt in the middle, holding up a bottle of what we're guessing is Dom Pérignon. » 9/20/13 3:25pm 9/20/13 3:25pm

The Jovial, Bleak, Affectionate Bully That Was Rick Majerus Simply…

Today, a week after his death, many of Rick Majerus' friends, former players and colleagues gathered to wish the basketball coach farewell from this mortal coil. Del Harris and George Karl were reportedly there, as was Glenn Rivers, whose nickname Majerus pinned on him years ago when he saw the young man wearing a… » 12/08/12 10:20pm 12/08/12 10:20pm

USC's Robert Woods Couldn't Keep His Balance After A Helmet-To-Helmet…

Above, the uncanny floundering of USC wide receiver and All-American Robert Woods after he got spun around on a helmet-to-helmet hit. The spin itself might have made him dizzy—Woods does a full 180 after the hit—but as Jesse Palmer noted during the aftermath, it was pretty obvious Woods had his "bell rung." When… » 10/05/12 1:05pm 10/05/12 1:05pm

Footage Shows Drunk Utah Linebacker Driving Wrong Way On Highway

A Utah state trooper pulled over to a car parked on the shoulder of S.R. 201 early Sunday morning — and facing in the wrong direction. The driver was an intoxicated University of Utah linebacker, Nai Fotu, who told the trooper he'd had "one beer, two beers" with his teammates at the University campus. Fotu, 22, was… » 2/22/11 12:55pm 2/22/11 12:55pm

NCAA First Round: (5) Utah vs. (12) Arizona

Midwest Region: No. 5 Utah (24-9) vs. No. 12 Arizona (19-13)
When: Friday, 7:10 p.m., EDT
Where: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida


1) Fun Facts The men's basketball team won the NCAA title in 1944 and the NIT crown in 1947. Arnie Ferrin, the only four-time All-American in Utah basketball history,… » 3/19/09 3:35pm 3/19/09 3:35pm