Answers to '10 Questions Men Are Too Scared to Ask Women'

Question: Why do women get madder and madder as they ponder something irritating and stupid even when there's no point? Because shoes. No really, so, according to Redbook, men are terrified to talk to women, but it's not their fault: Ladies be confusin'. What with the talking and the mysterious food purchases, it's a… »10/14/13 2:40pm10/14/13 2:40pm


Today In Metta World Peace Will "Portray A Gregarious And Overtly Sexual Vampire Elder" News

You ever wake up earlier than usual, check your phone to see what time it is and see that you have new emails waiting for you? You obviously check it because, well, what if there was something cool in one of those new emails. Most of the time it's just something stupid and you go back to sleep kinda bummed at how… »8/12/12 9:45am8/12/12 9:45am