Timbers Give Fans Permission To Support The Sounders, For One Night Only

Playoff races make strange bedfellows. The Portland Timbers are hanging on for dear life, two measly points up on the Vancouver Whitecaps for the fifth and final playoff spot in the West. The Whitecaps face Portland's hated rival Seattle tonight, and Timbers fans are naturally a little confused. »10/10/14 9:24am10/10/14 9:24am


Eric Hassli's Stoppage Time Volley Proved The Existence Of A Canadian Rocket Program

While the Voyageurs Cup may be one of soccer's less-prestigious trophies, claiming it in the Canadian Championship does have its rewards: specifically, an invite to the CONCACAF Champions League. Last night's first leg between Whitecaps and Toronto FC in Vancouver looked like an upset 1-0 win by the road team until… »5/17/12 12:25pm5/17/12 12:25pm

Today In Free Kicks: Kyle Walker, Young-Pyo Lee Produced Two Of The Most Gorgeous Goals You'll Ever See

The past 20 hours have been outstanding for fans of set pieces, as two beautiful free kick goals found the net and proved decisive in their respective games. Spurs back Kyle Walker secured victory for his squad in their match this morning against Blackburn with the above strike, a curving weasel of a kick that took… »4/29/12 12:43pm4/29/12 12:43pm

Canadian Hero Steve Nash Pumps Up Fellow Canadians At Canadian MLS Game

Steve Nash attended the Vancouver Whitecaps' first regular season game this weekend and, almost on his own, totally pumped up the crowd. The part-owner stands up in a personalized MLS jersey and waves a scarf back and forth, to the utter delight his countrymen. If inspiring the home crowd was Nash's main goal, he… »3/21/11 2:50pm3/21/11 2:50pm