Disturbing Allegations Emerge In Vanderbilt Rape Case

Further details have come out concerning the June 23 rape of a 21-year-old woman that led to the dismissal of four Vanderbilt football players, including junior college transfer, Brandon Vandenburg. According to a report from BuzzFeed, the incident was worse than previously reported and at least one source believes… » 9/07/13 3:03pm 9/07/13 3:03pm

Four Former Vanderbilt Football Players Charged With Rape

Some details of the sex crimes investigation that led to the dismissal of four Vanderbilt football players in June have been released, and the four players linked to the investigation have been charged. Brandon Vandenburg, Brandon Banks, JaBorian McKenzie, and Cory Batey have each been charged with five counts of… » 8/09/13 5:36pm 8/09/13 5:36pm

Radio Host: Vandy FB Player “Allowed” Teammates To Rape His Girlfriend

While Nashville police have yet to release details of a sex crimes investigation that led to the dismissal of four Vanderbilt football players, allegations are starting to emerge through other channels. Former Volunteers quarterback Erik Ainge disclosed some of those details this morning on his Tennessee Sports Radio… » 7/10/13 11:36am 7/10/13 11:36am

Vanderbilt Suspends Football Players Amid Sex Crimes Investigation

Vanderbilt announced the suspension of four players for a violation of team rules, seemingly connected to a sexual assault investigation into an incident that allegedly happened at a Vanderbilt dorm, at 5:30 p.m. Eastern on a Friday. The investigation began on Wednesday. That's SEC speed right there, boy! » 6/28/13 9:20pm 6/28/13 9:20pm

Vanderbilt Pulled Off The Rare Triple Steal

SEC baseball rivals Vanderbilt and Florida always produce excitement when they match up (no, really, they do!) and tonight's five-run ninth-inning Vandy rally featured one of the rare times you'll see a triple steal anywhere in baseball. A double steal usually means someone on the defending team is sleeping; we'll… » 5/26/12 7:39pm 5/26/12 7:39pm

Vanderbilt Mascot Punches Vanderbilt Fan, Bloodying His Nose

Vandy's mascot "Mr. C" went after one of his own fans before yesterday's loss to Tennessee. Local news tried to make the excuse that he was overzealous, or perhaps couldn't see out of the oversized foam head, but our tipster relays that the bloody student had grabbed Mr. C's junk during a crowd surfing stunt. Mascot… » 2/23/11 11:15am 2/23/11 11:15am