Vanderbilt Player Accused of Rape Kicked Off His New Football Team

Earlier this week it was reported that former Vanderbilt University football player and alleged rapist JaBorian "Tip" McKenzie had started playing for his new school, Alcorn State College. But late Thursday night, University President Dr. M. Christopher Brown II released a statement clarifying that, at least for now,… »9/13/13 1:49pm9/13/13 1:49pm


The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Of Jay Cutler's Choice In Halloween Costumes

Not eight weeks after Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler's manliness was called into question after a playoff injury against the eventual Super Bowl champions, tipster Jeff S. forwards this "gem" of a photo from his days at Vanderbilt. It was Halloween 2005 when tough-guy and BMOC quarterback and pal disguised themselves as… »3/16/11 10:00pm3/16/11 10:00pm